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IACIE -Israeli Association of Construction & Infrastructure Engineers

The engineers association for building and infrastructure is the representative trade union of civil engineers in Israel. The association, which was established in 1998, now numbers some 3,200 engineers.
The association is an independent friendly society in the Federation of Engineers and Architects in Israel which is the representative organization for engineers of all fields.
The association’s professional activity is carried out by means of 12 professional units that cover all civil engineering areas – building management, green building, construction, traffic and transportation, roads, geotechnics, materials and technologies, water, sewage and drainage, maintenance, tunneling, fire safety and control.
The association seeks to promote the civil engineering profession and civil engineers’ status in Israel by way of professional amelioration and involvement in legislation and political echelon decisions regarding planning and construction matters.
The engineers’ professional enhancement activities include courses, seminar days and professional tours aimed at ameliorating civil engineers’ qualifications and circulating current professional knowledge concerning topics of the trade. The engineers association publishes a quarterly magazine dubbed Building and Infrastructure Engineering, which is distributed to all members and to builders.
The association is involved in legislation and decision made by politicians in all matters pertaining to the construction and infrastructure sector. The association is participative in all the committees appointed by the various ministries, as well as in related Knesset committees.
Association members take part in enacting Israel’s planning and construction standards.
The association promotes mediation in the field through the Mediation Center it has established. It is also involved in appointing arbitrators and specialists at the request of courts or other factors.
The engineers association cooperates with Israel’s leading construction and planning organizations, such as the Technion, The Standards Institute of Israel, The Association of Contractors and Builders in Israel, Israel Building Center, and more.


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