IACIE & CTBUH Conference - 2017 Tel Aviv


The city of Tel-Aviv is honored to host the CTBUH-TLV-2017 international conference.

The CTBUH 2017 Tel Aviv Conference is a 2-day event in collaboration with CTBUH Israel. The conference expands on the CTBUH 2017 International Conference theme of “Connecting the City” by exploring regional identity in a global context reshaped by technology and will be held in conjunction with the 10th conference of the Israeli Association of Construction & Infrastructure Engineering (IACIE).  

Tel Aviv was chosen due to its unique fast pace development and connection between past present and future in Urban Habitat.

Discourse on the tall building typically focuses on the here and now, yet it is through the integration of past and future that we can unlock new urban forms. Time and place necessarily influence the diversity and appropriateness of tall buildings specific to their urban habitat.

The city of Tel-Aviv, a sea side city, is the financial and cultural capital of Israel. Over the course of the past two decades, substantial high rise development has been carried out throughout the city, blending in the historic low rise urban fabric, redefining its skyline.

As the scale and pace of change in TLV amplified, the urban habitat could no longer self-regulate, it had to be actively designed and curated taking into consideration the unprecedented scale and speed of urbanization and technological disruption that will fundamentally alter the destiny of cities.
It is precisely at this moment of great change that the city seeks connection to its heritage and sense of place as it embraces new technologies.  Past necessarily inform the future, and by understanding the arc of time and place resilient urban habitats was created.  

Exploring the case study of Tel-Aviv, reveals the typology of the current high-rise buildings as an outcome of the local culture climate and characteristics, that influence the evolvement of the urban fabric since the city raised from the dunes.



Photos by Go Israel (MOT), Dana Friedlander, Guy Yechieli and Doron Sahar // Tel Aviv Skyline by PERI GmbH